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Welcome to eMQT, where AFRICAN LIVES MATTER! We are the bridge between the pharmaceutical industry and Africa, utilizing research healthcare experts and technology innovation to provide access to patients and high quality evidence based patient data.


Although the patients of African descent make up 17% of the world’s population (over 1Billion), Black People are underrepresented in clinical trials globally reported as less than 3% by the Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS).
Currently, 95% of cancer patients in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) are diagnosed too late.
The ‘Rising Billion’ people in Africa are expected to reach 3-5 billion by 2020 representing half of the world’s population. The rising GDP and consumer power offers an attractive therapeutic market.
The population offers drug naïve patients in multiple disease areas that are accessible through careful planning and engagement.
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Our Solutions

Diversity in Clinical Trials
To execute clinical trials in Africa, the Pharmaceutical industry will need to plan early and focus on globalization into emerging regions such as Nigeria and build on local clinical trials standards, support systems, risk assessments and quality processes and be inspection ready (Federal Drug Agency or FDA now requiring inspections for 1.9% domestic sites and 0.7% from foreign sites).
Alternative Clinical Trial Designs
Pragmatic real-world evidence even though seen more frequently in post-marketing trials, can offer significant advantages in a country like Nigeria with high drug naïve populations, modest GDP growth and an emerging interest in improved healthcare in general. This model will enable non-restrictive, open label analysis of effectiveness, efficacy, safety and would be more patient oriented by aligning with clinical practise.
New technologies
Increasing access to the internet permits new technologies such as telemedicine can aid in the collection of data through virtual trials for remote areas. The clinical trials industry could be further accelerated in these markets through use of Blockchain and AI.

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