eMQT aims to bring Africa’s readiness to the fore through providing access to local knowledge, expertise, patients, regulatory know-how, production ready proof of concepts for innovative technologies and ultimately diverse clinical trials data. We are transforming the way the industy views Africa! Between 2013 - 2020, emerging market economies forecasted growth is 3X faster than developed economies. Africa alone will contribute 54% of world population with Nigeria adding more people to the world’s population by 2050 than any other country.
To enable accelerated and sustainable high-quality industry led clinical trials in emerging markets.
We are the professional bridge between the pharmaceutical industry and Africa, utilizing research qualified healthcare experts and technology innovation to provide access to high quality evidence based patient data.
Our team come with solid experience and background in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector.
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Provision of strategy development and intelligence on increasing diversity representation in industry trials and the available opportunities for regions under-served in Africa, Asia and Caribbean to participate in clinical trials

Establish reverse knowledge transfer on best practices across mature and emerging regions that conduct clinical trials

Deliver engagement and advocacy to change public opinion and influence policy to drive changes of regulations that govern the conduct of clinical trials

Educate on quality standards through training and sharing of procedures and guidelines for conducting high quality, Good Clinical Practice compliant, ethical global trials, and create clinical trials Centers of Excellence in either hospital or clinics

Provide capacity building to support the use of technology enabled processes for conduct global clinical trials and delivery of high quality data


Excellence in delivering high quality of data

Credibility to become a trusted collaborator to all core stakeholders

Legitimacy to demonstrate the highest standards of compliance and adherence to all laws and regulations governing clinical trials

Sustainability to generate and support projects that can create long lasting income for local communities