Services to clinical trial stakeholders

Technology Innovators and Start-ups (Telemedicine, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence)
Provide consulting services on go to market strategies, pilot projects, project management of clinical trials projects and capacity building to support the deployment of technology innovations such as Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence for conduct of global clinical trials and delivery of high quality data
Provide bridge for collaborations with industry for seemless interactions and engagement that accelerate clinical trials activities
Offer standardization and process improvements on web tools
Accelerate start up processes at Centers of Excellence
Deliver joint external conferences and publications on best practises
Advocate regulatory guidelines on the international level
Stimulate clinical trials in Africa
Deliver engagement and advocacy to change public opinion and influence policy to drive changes of regulations that govern the conduct of clinical trials
Empower and offer opportunities to access better healthcare through participation in clinical trials
Perform regular pulse check surveys to gauge understanding and readiness for clinical trials
Raise awareness and stimulate public dialogue on trials
Collaborate with Patient Advocacy groups to boost Patient Enrolment
Engage with Patients on advancing Technology Innovations
Delivery of accredited clinical trials face to face and elearning training to Healthcare Professionals, Regulators, Patients and Industry.
Partners on conducting and participating in clinical trials on basic, intermediary and advanced levels in Emerging Markets.
Delivering training on use of innovative technologies in clinical trials.
Pharmaceutical Industry (either with presence in emerging markets or seeking entry)
Provision of strategy development, intelligence and access to large number of patients across multiple therapeutic areas in order to increase diversity representation in industry trials and the available opportunities for regions under-served in Africa, Asia and Caribbean to participate in clinical trials
Establish reverse knowledge transfer on best practices across mature and emerging regions that conduct clinical trials
Maximize ROI (such as increase enrolment of patients, data quality and compliance, sales of products, regulatory engagement)
Market Intelligence on size, demography, disease areas, availability of investigators and patients etc.
Investment Return Assessment
Increase footprint
Increase productivity
Offer Intelligence and tailor strategy to portfolio
External Landscape (PESTLE)
Partnership opportunity to outsource activities
Healthcare Professionals and Investigators in Emerging Markets
Provide access to increased awareness and education on appropriate clinical trials
Provide access to quality standards through training and sharing of procedures and guidelines for conducting high quality, Good Clinical Practice compliant and ethical global trials
Elevate Centers of Excellence to increase capabilities and access to patient populations
Support with inspection readiness with the highest level of compliance to international clinical trials regulations
Advice on go to industry specific go to market strategies, product or service placements, commercial and operating models, developing value propositions, stakeholder engagement, public relations and launch awareness campaigns.
Support with conferences and presentations.
Support with forming partnerships and providing expert Advisory Boards.