IENSIGHT is the Emerging Markets Quality Trials (eMQT) online knowledge management platform which provides and facilitates a safe and interactive learning environment targeted at all involved in developing new medicines with a unique focus on AFRICA.

IENSIGHT is an innovative platform which provides targeted knowledge and learning plans to ensure that all involved in clinical trials are able to understand and execute their roles to ultimately bring added value to patients and ensure the necessary level of understanding and focus.


Through INSIGHT, we aim to educate and build knowledge for four distinct groups of stakeholders on their involvement in global clinical trials and working in Africa, through training and sharing of local procedures and international guidelines for conducting high quality, Good Clinical Practice compliant global trials. In line with patients being at the core of all we do, INSIGHT includes courses for patients, to learn how involvement can bring benefits and dispel the myths and understand the language used.

Capacity and capability building through INSIGHT supports the use of technology enabled innovation to ultimately educate, train and inform all stakeholders about their roles and responsibilities in the conduct of clinical trials and delivery of high-quality data.

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