ATOM is the Emerging Markets Quality Trials (eMQT) innovative tool which provides an evaluation of site capacity and capabilities with a unique aim of supporting the development of centres of excellence in AFRICA.

The establishment of Healthcare and Medical Centres of Excellence across Africa is a necessity! The provision of reliable, timely and accurate medical services aid investigations, diagnosis, and treatment of patients which is critical across sub-Saharan Africa

The aim of ATOM is to gather knowledge, specific local requirements, and capabilities to allow African centres to demonstrate expertise and readiness to participate in global commercial clinical trials.

In order to give Pharmaceutical companies the confidence that African Centres of Excellence chosen for specific projects not only have capability and capacity but also have infrastructure and knowledge to meet global requirements.

ATOM houses eMQT’s identified Centres of Excellence from which the following information has been ascertained and captured.

  • Specific local requirements and capabilities of African Centres of Excellence (ACoE)
  • Evaluation of Site Capacity and Capabilities
  • Market Intelligence
  • Site Experience
  • GCP Awareness
  • Staffing
  • Patient Availability by Disease Type

ATOM compliments our knowledge management system INSIGHT, by uncovering the gaps in African sites that can be filled through INSIGHT.

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