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Clinical Trials: Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Imagine a world where documents essential to clinical trials magically generate themselves – a world powered by Generative AI. This is not science fiction but a reality reshaping document creation, from investigator brochures to patient consent forms. With AI at the helm, precision and regulatory compliance become the norm, reducing timelines, and enhancing decision-making.

eMQT Clinical Trials Africa

Navigating the Challenges

Clinical research continues to bring many challenges and as we look to develop new medicines to meet unmet medical needs and address the ever-increasing complexity, that new protocols and development plans require, we are continually looking for new frontiers and new technologies.

eMQT at Breast Cancer event in Nigeria

Bringing Beauty Back: Raising Awareness of Breast Cancer in Nigeria

The colour PINK has become the norm in October every single year! The colour and pink ribbon which has become synonymous with Breast Cancer is now a symbol of hope, support and comradery. Who would have thought that when Charlotte Hayley introduced the concept of a peach ribbon that her collaboration with Evelyn Lauder and…

Clinical Trials, African Centres of Excellence, Diversity

Clinical Trials: engaging with the right sites from the start and how to assess sites’ capabilities.

Assessing African clinical sites for involvement in clinical trials is really no different from assessing them anywhere else in the world, the main questions being: What staff and with what experience? Does the site have the right infrastructure? What are the local regulations and requirements to obtain approvals to start a clinical trial? What logistic…



The PCMG Outsourcing Assembly 2022 will be focused on ‘Harnessing Change, Expanding Expertise, Growing Sustainability’

From the 7TH TO 9TH SEPTEMBER, KRAKOW, POLAND, The PCMG Outsourcing Assembly 2022 will be focused on ‘Harnessing Change, Expanding Expertise, Growing Sustainability’ All about making a difference in the Pharmaceutical Industry, this gathering of outsourcing professionals from large, small and biotech trial sponsors as well as industry suppliers is guaranteed to be a space…

Drug Information Association (DIA) Europe virtual Conference

Drug Information Association (DIA) Europe virtual Conference

The eMQT team, in collaboration with our technology partners JE Consulting presented a poster at this year’s Drug Information Association (DIA) Europe virtual conference. Our poster is now published, and via this link, you can access our poster, the presentation video as well as our poster abstract: We would welcome the opportunity to introduce you…