At eMQT, technology is not just a tool; it’s a force reshaping the landscape of global clinical research. We redefine industry standards by offering transformative, technology-driven solutions key to optimising the end-to-end drug development process, from meticulous clinical trial preparation to flawless execution. This commitment translates into reduced costs and an accelerated timeline for developing cutting-edge treatments that bring hope to patients worldwide.

In partnership with our technology partner, Jean Edwards Consulting (JE Consulting), we introduce Alpha4Pharma.

Alpha4Pharma was developed from a validated AI tool already active by
JE Consulting across the highly regulated financial industry. eMQT partnered
with JE Consulting to demonstrate the adoption of AI-enabled technologies
in the automation of document creation in the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Alpha4Pharma harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, particularly advanced natural language processing and machine learning, to automate the intricate task of regulatory document generation for clinical trials with the ability to integrate with external systems. Unlike traditional methods, Alpha4Pharma not only automates the process but also enhances the quality and accuracy of the content, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

eMQT and our partners at JE Consulting conducted extensive research and development to lay the groundwork for Alpha4Pharma. We used as a surrogate end goal to demonstrate the adoption of AI-enabled technologies in the automation of document creation (from historical protocols) and the capability to populate the necessary fields in The outcome of our pilot led to an award-winning DIA (Drug Information Association) Europe 2021 poster.


eMQT and JE consulting embarked on a proof-of-concept to develop Alpha4Pharma to analyse pharmaceutical documents (clinical protocols), extracting text to populate using public domain information. Alpha4Pharma was trained using high-performance Machine Learning (ML) techniques (e.g. Convoluted Neural Networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Random Forests) to analyse and extract required information. The evaluation focused on Alpha4Pharma’s capability to populate the necessary fields in (by utilising the system’s API – Application Programming Interface) and employing predefined mappings from source to target.

This proof-of-concept demonstrated that Alpha4Pharma’s established AI solution can save significant time and resources to facilitate the compilation of drug development documentation, in this case the auto-population of AlphaPharma’s Machine Learning techniques were successfully adapted, supporting reproducibility, repeated quality, time savings and increased accuracy as the system “learned”. This shows that Alpha4Pharma can be considered as an AI tool of choice with many opportunities to use AlphaPharma within drug development.

The eMQT/ JE Consulting poster secured the 1st place as the MOST POPULAR POSTER, prompting subsequent research and development, as well as the development of a client specific tool in the field of medical diagnostics within the pharmaceutical industry which was successfully implemented and in daily use throughout 2023.

Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Document Submissions

In the dynamic landscape of medical research and drug development, our key objective is to revolutionise efficiency through Alpha4Pharma innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we aim to use AI to optimise clinical trial preparation and execution through automated regulatory and GCP essential documents, thereby reducing costs and accelerating new treatment development for patients. By using Aplpha4Pharma we can do this whilst ensuring compliance with rigorous industry standards and regulatory requirements. This transformative approach has the potential to alleviate the administrative burden associated with document preparation, enabling researchers to focus more on scientific aspects and accelerate the drug development timeline.


Key Innovative AI Offerings

Intelligent Automation: Through advanced natural language processing and machine learning, Alpha4Pharma automates document creation, enhancing content quality and accuracy, minimising errors, and expediting the process.

Adaptive Learning: The system continuously adapts to evolving regulatory frameworks, ensuring generated documents stay current and compliant. This adaptive learning capability enhances the long-term sustainability across diverse clinical trial scenarios.

Accelerated Timelines: By automating labour-intensive document generation processes, Alpha4Pharma significantly reduces operational costs by automating labour-intensive document creation. Expedited timelines contribute to faster clinical trial/ drug development initiation and completion, accelerating new treatments to patients in need.

Data Ecosystem: Alpha4Pharma seamlessly integrates with existing systems, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that empowers researchers, regulatory affairs professionals, and other stakeholders. Platform interoperability ensures a user-friendly experience, facilitating adoption across diverse teams.

Transparency and Explainability: Our Alpha4Pharma offering prioritises transparency and explainability. Alpha4Pharma’s AI algorithms provide clear audit trails, aiding compliance verification and regulatory inspections, instilling confidence in the integrity of the clinical trial process.