Diversity, augmented by technology innovation, improves outcomes for all! Our team is passionately committed to raising awareness about opportunities in emerging markets, specifically Africa, leveraging technology to access diverse patient populations. This opportunity can only be realised through building a team of Experts, Partners and Stakeholders who share a vision and passion for our mission. With a solid background in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, our team’s combined experience not only speaks to our credibility but also underscores our delivery mindset, particularly in understanding and addressing the needs of patients who may not have a voice.


Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

With a BSc and MSc Pharm from the Ukrainian Academy of Pharmacy and an MBA from the University of Liverpool, Shalom has over 27 years experience in the Pharmaceutical and CRO Industry.

Making a difference to the lives of patients in emerging markets (particularly Africa) by championing the provision of targeted innovative medicines aimed at the needs of individuals is a true passion. She works with teams across all levels to develop strategies and operating models. With the belief that ‘There is Science and Technology in everything we do’.

She is an award-winning STEM Ambassador focused on strategy, leadership and connecting the right people to the right opportunities, doing this by continuously challenging the status quo, with integrity, passion and fairness.


Chief Operating Officer

With over 40 years’ experience in clinical and drug development arena, Dr. Tina Barton has held a Board level role at the Institute of Clinical Research for 7 years (Chair for 2 years). She held VP and Senior VP positions within Contract Research Organisations (PRA International, Covance and INC Research).

She has worked with major Pharma companies and handled some of the largest accounts in business development, clinical operations and data management.

Dr Tina Barton brings a wealth of experience from strategic business acumen, change management and process enhancement with a proven track record in driving growth and training for the future.


Chief Technology Officer

With over 25 years’ experience in Biometrics, Clinical Data Management and Technology innovation, Emily Moore has held Global Executive level roles in Pharmaceutical companies and Clinical Research Organisations driving strategy and implementation.

Emily has directed the operationalisation of industry-leading EDC and eCOA technologies and had a track record of leading award-winning teams globally.

Emily brings a wealth of experience in strategic leadership, technological innovation, change management, standardisation and training with a proven track record of driving efficiencies and growth.


Chief Quality Assurance and Compliance Officer

Nancy Meyerson-Hess has over 30 years of experience in leading global clinical trials teams in pharmaceutical and contract trials organizations. She has focused on providing best practices for success in global clinical trials, including emerging regions, in areas such as Good Clinical Practice and Inspection Readiness. In addition, she has extensive experience in patient-centered activities and solutions.

Nancy is currently an Associate Partner at admedicum Business for Patients and is also a consultant in clinical trials with a focus on clinical trials and outsourcing through quality and process improvement.


Chief Financial Officer

Experienced in the finance and banking sectors, David’s experience spans across multiple industries (Automobile Banking and Healthcare).

He has focused on the management of company finances, planning, financial risk assessments and reporting. David Lloyd has a Business Management degree and is a Qualified Coach, Physiotherapist, Counselor and Hypnotherapist with experience in Time Line Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.


Project Co-Ordinator

With a BSc in Business Management and MSc in Management in a Digital Service Economy, Hannah has experience across a range of industries. With the aim of having an impact on patients lives and making a difference by providing effective treatments and medicines.

Hannah focuses in the data management and reporting of our projects.