eMQT aims to bring Africa’s research readiness to the fore through providing access to local knowledge, expertise, patients, regulatory know-how, clinical trial training, opportunities for innovative technologies, and ultimately diverse clinical trials data.

We are transforming the way the industry views Africa. Between 2013 – 2020, emerging market economies growth was 3X faster than developed economies. Africa alone will contribute 54% of world population with Nigeria adding more people to the world’s population than any other country by 2050.


We leverage technological innovation to redefine global clinical research. Our transformative, technology-driven solutions play a crucial role in optimizing the entire drug development lifecycle, from clinical trial preparation to execution. This not only reduces costs but also expedites the development of new treatments for patients.

AI-Driven Transformation in Clinical Trials, utilising technology innovation to deliver high quality data and re-engineer the way clinical research is performed globally.

We redefine industry benchmarks with transformative, technology-driven solutions that optimise the entire drug development process, from trial preparation to execution. This commitment results in cost reduction and an accelerated timeline, bringing cutting-edge treatments to patients worldwide.

Our Why

Our Mission

We stand as a powerhouse where AFRICAN LIVES MATTER! Serving as the unyielding bridge between the pharmaceutical industry and Africa, we leverage the expertise of research healthcare professionals and ground-breaking technological innovation. Our mission is to not only grant access to patients but also to generate high-quality, evidence-based patient data, fuelled by the driving forces of training and education.

Our Vision

To enable accelerated and sustainable high-quality industry led clinical trials in emerging markets through continuous training and education, we strive to set new standards in healthcare, ensuring a brighter and healthier future for every life we touch.

Our Value Proposition


Excellence in delivering high-quality data through transformative technology innovation. By merging precision with innovation, we aim to bring cutting-edge treatments to patients worldwide.


Sustainability by enabling innovative technology solutions to reduce the ecological impact of travel and promoting eco-friendly data management practices.


Credibility to become a trusted collaborator to all core stakeholders.


Legitimacy to demonstrate the highest standards of compliance
and adherence to all laws and regulations governing clinical trials.

At eMQT, we are redefining industry standards by offering transformative AI-technology-driven solutions that is key to optimising the end-to-end drug development process. This AI-tool paves the way for accelerated processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure the safety and efficacy of new treatments, ultimately expediting approval processes, a critical component in advancing medical breakthroughs and providing better treatment options for patients.

Our 6 P’s


The purpose to change the narrative.




The passion to bring inclusion and better treatments to African patients.


The possibility to achieve more and raise the bar – nothing is impossible.




The power to make a difference and have an impact.


The people to make it happen, our most precious asset.




The partnerships to bring the benefits of collective efforts to bear.